Boycott – Prevention Plan

תכנית פרקטית של 4 שיעורים (לפחות) לפי 4 שלבי עבודה, תכנית מפורטת כולל נספחי עבודה.

Something must be done about it!

More and more boycott stories are revealed and receive an echo

It’s sad, it hurts, it burns every bit of our lives and it must stop!

Out of the desire for action and not just talk, the attached plan was written.

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Boycott – prevention plan

I am Nofer Yerushalmi Safda, an educational consultant and social facilitator
Has been engaged in the field for over 10 years
A committee for the growing rejection phenomenon among children
And worse than that among parents!

Every time I am shocked by the levels of rejection I encounter
And it’s time to address the root of the problem.
I think we can only do this through “internal treatment”
social-educational occupation within educational frameworks,
This is the fastest way to reach the hearts of children (and parents).

The boycott phenomenon is widespread mainly in elementary school age, but not only. Today, already in kindergarten, there is a discourse on the subject and the beginnings of a boycott start with example sentences: “Don’t play with __”, “If you play with ___, I won’t be your friend”.

At the mature age of high school and high school, reports of boycotts decrease because groups of friends are usually formed, but a feeling of loneliness can accompany even at these ages.

The use of the expression “boycott” has become common in recent years and it is not certain that in the right contexts, not every social rejection is a boycott and it is important to take this into account.

In the attached program there is an emphasis on expressions and concepts that will acquire the required knowledge on the subject.

Teachers and educators should not be afraid of dealing with the subject
Indeed, engaging in it will prevent the next rejection because the children know how to verbalize their feelings
and bring themselves and the issue to light.

If you want to consult on the subject, feel free to contact us with any questions.

*The entire program is designed so that the students commit to avoiding the rejection phenomenon

Therefore, the important and final part of the program is the signature page

Signature page – link

But in my opinion it should not be reached before there is an understanding of the subject in its details.

I Hope this program will contribute to the social and educational climate in educational settings
And this is the beginning of the path of change…


Boycott – Prevention Plan

Nofar Spada


Here for your help and for any question,
Nofer Yerushalmi – Safda, educational consultant

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